The Best Brands of Air Mattresses for You

Air mattresses are now very popular, as more people have realized the comfort and convenience that comes with them. Whether you are camping or you need additional accommodation for visitors, this is the best alternative. A good air mattress should be easy to use and durable. Don’t miss out on the best air mattress reviews of 2016.

Intex Pillow Twin Bed

This is among the best Intex air mattresses. It comes with a built in electric pump. Within 3 minutes, the pump the air bed is inflated. The pump is also used to deflate it also. Its features include 20.8 gauge, 15-gauge vinyl beams, water flocked top and 16-gauge sides and bottom. If the mattress feels too firm or soft, you can customize the comfort with the touch of the button. This bed is raised 17.5 inches from the floor. It comes with AC power cord, a duffel bag and a shoulder strap.

Wenzel Insta- Bed

This bed is 22 inches above the floor. It weighs up to 700 pounds. Its size is 80 inches by 6o inches. It almost feels like an ordinary bed. Its built in pump inflates the mattress fast, and the tight bottom prevents it from sliding. It stays inflated and feels comfortable lying in it. It also comes with a carrying bag that users find convenient for storing and transporting. It is very sturdy and resistant to tearing. It has a one-year warranty. It is easy to store and transport.


Coleman Single High Quickbed

This mattress is available in twin and king sizes. It is best suited for camping. It does not have an in built pump though it is easy to fill with air and deflate. It stays inflated overnight to ensure you have a good sleep. It comes with an attachable carrying bag, making it easy to carry and transport. It is 8 inches above the floor. Its size is 73 by 38 inches for twin size and 78 by 75 inches for king size. It has a 1-year warranty.

The Best Air Bed That I Bought

I purchased the best air bed since it is ideal for festivals, camping and for home use when I have guests. I love travelling and hiking therefore I needed a long term solution for my adventure. Getting a good one in stores was not a hard task for me since I used these tips that I am going to share with you.

I needed something that is waterproof with a non-slip surface that would prevent sheets from slipping when I sleep. This bed is just the best due its soft velvety feel that gives me more comfort. A long day of bush walks and hiking I just need a comfortable place to sleep. Furthermore, it came with a blue color and I loved it since blue is my favorite color. I bought it at a fair price since my local store was offering offers- how lucky I was.

When buying a queen air bed, be sure of what you want and how you will be using it. This is one of the products with several models and thus you have to understand what you really want. In my case, I use a big tent thus a queen size would well fit in my tent. Thus, the size of your air mattress is something you should address at the beginning.

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Now, I have no sleepless nights due to the common deflating issues of bad air mattresses. I am impressed with my queen air bed and my days of disappointments are over. I have the freedom of adjustability. In addition, it is the best Intex air mattress for everyday use and came with top quality pumps, and air chambers and am able to adjust the pressure to my desired settings. Of importance, when using this mattress know what type of sleeper you are. I am a back sleeper and thus I adjust it to firm. If you are a side sleeper, I suggest a not too firm setting is good for you. That is my story about the best full air bed, get one and enjoy comfort and undisturbed sleep.

Best Air Mattresses I Have in My Home

Air mattresses are not only revered for providing unmatched comfort, but they are also lauded for their unrivaled durability as compared to other types of mattresses. There are different types of air mattresses and all of them come with different features. Here are some of the best air bed 2016 that will guarantee you quality sleep during the night.

Intex Vinyl Twin

  • The twin air mattress is the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts and house guests. It can easily be inflated or deflated using either manual or electric-powered pumps. It boasts of being an ultimate bedding solution for outdoor enthusiasts and overweight guests, since it is the best camping air mattress. It features a spectacular waterproof top that is not only easy to clean but also offer superb comfort and hold the bedding properly during the night.

Intex Pillow Rest Twin

  • There are a host of reasons why this Intex twin air mattress is a great value for your money, despite it being sold at a relatively higher price compared to other types of Intex twin mattresses. The first one is that, it can fit in every bed since it can be adjusted to a variety of measurements. It also comes with a highly-powered pump that can easily deflate and inflate it in approximately 3 minutes. It features a water proof flocked top and vinyl beams that are designed to give it the much needed extra support. Its sturdy construction doesn’t only make it a good choice for outdoor camping but also makes it highly durable.

Setra Raised Airbed

  • This air mattress is portable, convenient and also offers an ultimate inflatable comfort. It is perfect for indoor use. It features a powerful AC pump and a soft-touch flocked top that is tailored at holding bedding in place and providing extra comfort. It also features circular coils which allow the air mattress to maintain firmness and shape throughout the night. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

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I Found the Ideal Office Space Just Right for Me

I have always dreamed of working for myself. I wanted to do so in an environment that would help me work better. The initial plan was to start off by working by myself and then as things picked up, hire an assistant. And even further down the road, hire even more people as the need arose.

I initially drew up a business plan and debated whether or not to rent an office space. In the end I decided not to rent a physical space. My finances would not allow it. Instead, I decided to use a section of my home as a virtual office. I am pleased that I did. The benefits definitely out weigh the disadvantages. And the additional assistants I had considered hiring also work from their homes.
The major advantage of having a virtual office is the money saved from not having to pay rent.

Some of the other benefits of having a virtual office, as I have found, include having zero commute time. I wake up and my virtual office is only feet from my bedroom. In addition, there is no rush hour traffic to worry about. I don’t have to fill up the gas tank in my car and as result I save on fuel costs.

Another benefit of this type of setup is that I don’t have to put on any particular type of clothes to begin work. If I want to work for an hour or two in my pajamas then that is just fine.

I am able to take breaks and I can set my own hours. Yes, I still time myself and pay attention to the clock but I do so in order to get work done in a timely fashion.
When I have tasks that I don’t want to do or tasks that I am unable to do I have assistants across the globe that handle those tasks for me. They are virtual assistants. They are qualified, reliable and they get the job done.

So far it has been a win win situation. If I need to interact with clients or assistants I can do so through one of the many popular softwares out there that provide conference calls via cam or audio. Luckily, the type of work that I need to have done can be done from the comfort of my home by me and the rest can be outsourced to virtual assistants. The money I save, by having a virtual office, can be reinvested to grow the business.