A Christmas gift for her

For being a writer, I too often forget to write things down. I definitely should have been keeping a Christmas gifts for her list. I did not and Christmas crept up quickly last year. I had forgotten to take note of things she pointed out at the mall or during commercials.

So, by early December, I was without a single clue on what I would get her. I waited a little longer hoping it would come to me as an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, but it did not.
I began my late-stage panic-mode around December 13th and tried hinting to her to let me know what she wanted for Christmas. Of course, she equivocated, said she didn’t mind, or would just ignore me. I pointed out jewelry, concerts and sporting events she might be interested in, books, clothes, a new bike, but nothing seemed to change her aloof attitude.

christmas gift idea

I finally decided I couldn’t ask her anymore because I wasn’t going to find out that way. So when I finally sat down to think about it, I went to my talents.
I began writing. I wrote everything down I thought she might like, then I wrote down everything I thought she would dislike. I wrote down her her favorite color, food, movie, and her least favorite insect, dirty word, and memory. I kept writing and writing, until I knew what I was finally getting her.

I began editing what I wrote, cutting here and embellishing there. I removed inaccuracies and irrelevancies, then replaced them with concrete and vivid language. I wrote about our troubles and our bonds. I broke the lines in segments where the words evoked the most emotion. When I finished it all, I had written the longest, most beautiful poem I had ever written.

What I eventually gave her for Christmas, was tears, laughs, and tear-filled kisses.

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