Best Air Mattresses I Have in My Home

Air mattresses are not only revered for providing unmatched comfort, but they are also lauded for their unrivaled durability as compared to other types of mattresses. There are different types of air mattresses and all of them come with different features. Here are some of the best air bed 2016 that will guarantee you quality sleep during the night.

Intex Vinyl Twin

  • The twin air mattress is the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts and house guests. It can easily be inflated or deflated using either manual or electric-powered pumps. It boasts of being an ultimate bedding solution for outdoor enthusiasts and overweight guests, since it is the best camping air mattress. It features a spectacular waterproof top that is not only easy to clean but also offer superb comfort and hold the bedding properly during the night.

Intex Pillow Rest Twin

  • There are a host of reasons why this Intex twin air mattress is a great value for your money, despite it being sold at a relatively higher price compared to other types of Intex twin mattresses. The first one is that, it can fit in every bed since it can be adjusted to a variety of measurements. It also comes with a highly-powered pump that can easily deflate and inflate it in approximately 3 minutes. It features a water proof flocked top and vinyl beams that are designed to give it the much needed extra support. Its sturdy construction doesn’t only make it a good choice for outdoor camping but also makes it highly durable.

Setra Raised Airbed

  • This air mattress is portable, convenient and also offers an ultimate inflatable comfort. It is perfect for indoor use. It features a powerful AC pump and a soft-touch flocked top that is tailored at holding bedding in place and providing extra comfort. It also features circular coils which allow the air mattress to maintain firmness and shape throughout the night. It comes with a 5-year warranty.