Passions (no, not the tv show)


What are you passionate about?

Things I am currently passionate about… (but probably shouldn’t be?!):

Finding marked down kids smurf t-shirts in Big W. I skip around all day when I find them and get disproportionate amounts of satisfaction from it.
Friend: “Hey you are happy, did you win Lotto?”.
Me: “No way, better! I just saved $3 off a smurf shirt”.
Checking my Garmin gps obsessively when I am jogging.
Check 5:30 pace, [5 seconds pass]
Check 5:30 pace, [2 seconds pass]
Check 5:30 pace, [3 seconds passes]
Oh my god I had better check my pace time again!
Checking the Sass and Bide website for new season pieces even though I cannot afford any of it. That black and white jacket – drool!
Combusting with internalised rage at people who walk 3 across on the footpaths that I like to jog on.
Teaching Miss 2 how to curtsey properly at the end of each dance. The same goes for teaching her how to end a gymnastics routine properly (note I have never done gymnastics to really know, so am freestyling on this one).
Talking in different accents every time I phone my friend E (note I have never been outside Aus and NZ to really know a good accent, so once again freestyling on these).
Spending the day talking in quotes from the movie Fired Up. I know how annoying this must be for everyone else but it is just so damn enjoyable. One day I hope to Chair a whole work meeting talking just in FU. Panthers Out.
Trawling through the sleepmonsters adventure racing website looking for the ‘perfect’ adventure race for hubby and I to debut together as a team. And by ‘perfect race’ I mean one that we don’t want to get divorced and chase after each other with axes by the 5th hour kind of race.
Winning back my imaginary lost $900 to hubby that I owe him. We bet on random stupid things every week. Really important things like how many blades a fan has, or if the voice of Doc in Cars is the same as the voice of the Clown in Toy Story. Wager is always $100 and lately I am losing big time.
Dreaming up new professions I could do where a driver/chauffeur would be provided in said work role.
Planning a trip to New York to run the New York Marathon each year when lottery entry opens, when:
(a) I cannot yet run the time required for automatic entry;
(b) never win anything so really have no chance of winning the 3% lottery entry for internationals. I have even picked hotels and activities for each day and even what I will wear in the marathon. Sad hey, Please still be my friend despite this; and
(c) can’t really afford it anyway.
Planning hinterland road rides with my friends K and L. And most importantly which cafe we will ride by along the way for coffee stops.
Planning the next kids room redecoration to accommodate a toddler boy and girl. Their nursery was a sweet-as animal theme, but has slowly been pulled apart by them and by me as I remove all the pieces one by one to prevent the night-time parties in there (yes at the moment it is just beds and a locked wardrobe, no toys or anything, call DOCS). They are a bit old now for the theme and wall stickers etc so heavy into planning the next one. How does one best combine interest in tractors, cars, ballerinas, purple anything, dinosaurs, rainbows and bikes into the one room without it looking like a Toy World vomit? I think I need to outsource this one to Kirsty, my fab designer friend.
Literally naming all the kids toys. They don’t have any dolls or toys named Bruce, Chloe, Max or Lola. Instead they have cat, dog, other dog, baby, big baby, bad hair baby, elephant, little elephant, pink bunny and blue bunny.
Taking my twins to a certain street with a hotel that has a certain waterfall where I live, telling them we are at Dream World, and letting them frolic about while I suck back a hot coffee.